Open Messaging that Works

This is an open source messaging tool, that can be used to communicate in real-time with anyone, about anything.

The public can share text, video and pictorial feedback live with their favourite services.

Businesses can create a free hosted messaging forum instantly. See a market feature comparison.

As it's open source (see Why?), system admins can download and install the live messaging server to their sites or intranets (see requirements), and select which plugins work for them. Front-end developers can easily integrate with their sites, and back-end developers can review the documentation and build their own plugins. Alternatively, single-click Loop Server installations are available from these web hosts, or for custom high-traffic hosting, please see our VIP@ service.

If you are using our hosted forums, please see our common sense Privacy Policy before posting.

The software works in any browser, without a download, but to enhance the tool you can also get real-time notifications and shortcuts with an open source app:

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