Dear User,


The AtomJump Earth project has been discontinued. The purpose of this project was to closely mirror the real world and blur the line between a map and reality.

You will find the old news about this project here.

On careful consideration of the implications of the technology we had developed, it became clear that the privacy issues of this project were too great.

The world has taken a dangerous path towards the nightmare scenarios envisaged by science fiction. It is now too easy for a single corporate entity to play God and begin manipulating what we experience. The Earth project was heading in this direction and this was why it needed to stop.

We challenge other map suppliers and future generations to take a similar stance. Leave a map as a representation of the real world, for the purposes of navigation, only.

For end users of our maps: we suggest you go and explore the real world. Get out and about! Visit foreign Wonders of the World in person. The experience will be far richer and more satisfying.

Taking this even further: switch off your Facebook accounts and go and actually talk to your friends! Technology is only useful if it complements our lives, not when it dictates to us.

A little known property about database design: it is generally considered best practice to never delete data in a database, but rather to flag the data as being ‘inactive’. This means, whatever you write online will actually never be deleted. Your life becomes a collection of data fragments collected around the world. As a human being we have the wonderful power to love and to care. We have been given a choice. The dark path for humanity is to digitize our very existence.

As a business, our new focus is on listening. Putting our technology skills to good use by allowing those in positions of responsibility to listen to their customers. If people would only learn to listen rather than dictate, our world would be a much more pleasant place to live.

To quote Star Wars: ‘Luke, you’ve switched off your main computer’.

We know. May the Force Be With You.

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Peter Abrahamson, in 2014
Founder AtomJump