AtomJump Messaging Appliance (Beta)

Download VirtualBox for your platform (Windows / Linux / Mac), and the Messaging Appliance.

Unzip the Appliance file, which should create a .vmdk file. (On a Mac, you will need to use the 'Unarchiver' app since it is a larger file than the native Mac Unzipper can handle).

Run VirtualBox on your platform, and add a 'New' project.
Type = Linux
Version = Debian (64-bit)

on Windows, if you can only see ‘Debian (32-bit)’ and you are definitely on a 64-bit machine, you will need to configure your server’s BIOS setting for virtualization to be switched on. See details here.

Click 'Continue' and then ‘Use an existing virtual hard disk drive’. Select the .vmdk file from your drive.
Run the VM and when you see a login after 20 seconds or so, enter the
Username: aj_customer
Password: lander5321

Once logged in, you should first change your password. Enter the line:
and enter your old and new passwords.

Then enter the line:
hostname -I
It should show you the VM server's IP address e.g.

Then enter 'Settings' for this Virtual Machine.
Go into 'Network' and click 'Port Forwarding'.
And add a new line similar to the above, using the Guest IP as the IP address found from the 'hostname -I' command.

Typical settings are:
Protocol: TCP
Host IP:
Host Port: 5100
Guest IP: (or the IP address found after running 'hostname -I' within the server)
Guest Port: 80
The LiveWiki should now be accessible within a browser on
You should click the ‘Update the server config’ link on this page, go back, and click through to the LiveWiki.

The main appliance target page is

Important Note: the first user to be created on the system will become the admin user, with admin rights to enter passwords on a particular forum. So, before you type anything in a messaging pop-up, go to ‘Settings’ in the popup, and enter your email and password.
If you are using the AtomJump Messaging app, and you want notifications on your phone:

Your phone should be connected to the same company Wifi or VPN network as the server. The 'Loop Server URL' address to use under the 'Private Server' link on the app login page is:

http://[your server IP or host]:5100/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/


Note: This is the same address to use if you want other server software to connect to your local AtomJump Server. If this connecting software is residing on the same machine, you can use the local server IP, also i.e.

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Operating System Debian Linux 64-bit, but runs on a host Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Mac OS X, Linux.
Software Language PHP 7.1
Database MySQL 5.7
Host Disk Space Required 10GB
RAM Required 1GB minumum
Simultaneous Users 1 up to an approx maximum of 100, depending on usage patterns
Application Software AtomJump Messaging Server 2.1.7
Default Plugins Large Stickers, App Notifications, Basic Emoticons, Language Switcher (English and Spanish included), Immediate Auto-Responder
Default Interface LiveWiki
Access Super-user file-level access, Database access on request, AtomJump support access.
Support US$ 64 (NZ$100) for TeamViewer-based remote access, plus prices for individual tasks (see the LiveWiki add-ons)
Price Free
Number of messages Approx 10 million under standard disk space
Number of shared images Approx 50,000 under standard disk space
Software Updates Manual, Debian OS updates. Application updates can be done by Support.
Security The software should be run within an internal intranet, for any secure applications. A secure https server can also be used, although it needs an individual key installation.
Client Software
Mobile browsers (e.g. iPhone or Android), Desktop browsers (incl. Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge /IE). Optional AtomJump Messaging app for mobile notifications.


Log in, and enter the command:
sudo nano /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/config/config.json

You can scroll down with the arrow keys. Under the "email" section, you can enter a configuration for sending off email notifications. Please see the User Guide for more details.

Once you have changed the file, you can hit 'Ctrl - O' together, then push 'Return'. It should say 'Wrote xx lines'. Push 'Ctrl - X' when done.

Warning: changes to the configuration files can make your system in-operable. We recommend backing up the file beforehand with e.g.
sudo cp /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/config/config.json /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/config/config-backup.json

Software Updates

We recommend bringing your system up-to-date immediately after installation, and then at regular intervals (e.g. monthly) after that. This is particularly important if this instance is visible over the internet, as opposed to a local intranet installation.

Log in and enter the commands:
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade