Dear AtomJump User,

Last night my mother added our family AtomJump forum to her old phone. It works, but only just (an iPhone 4). I still communicated with her via Viber, but now she can message me on AtomJump, I’ve been able to uninstall the last so-called commercial ‘social media’ tool on my Android phone.

With this last stroke comes to the end my own story with AtomJump, and indeed computers, as I can finally kick up my coding shoes! Where I go from here is still uncertain, but I am currently aiming to get more personal by helping intellectually handicapped people one-on-one.

I started my interest with computers back in 1984 and have been working in the field ever since. I could have had it all, with my graphics work that was world-leading back in 1995, and as recently as 2014, I was sitting on a gold-mine of Earth graphics that would capture the world like you’ve never seen it on a computer before. Fortunately, I saw the light: the privacy and social consequences of releasing this technology were incredibly dangerous, and I deleted it all, for good.

Star Wars has had quite an influence on my life, so forgive the references that are about to follow:

With AtomJump, I have delivered the blueprints to defeat the Death Star. ‘Many lives have been lost in delivering this information to you’. What you do with it now is up to you, but you have to act. The Empire will not die without action.

Corporate America and .coms are not there to make your lives better. Their fundamental goal is to enrich their own pockets and are effectively greed, personified. If they can fool you into thinking your lives will be improved, all the better, from their point of view. I’ve been there, and experienced it. But once they come into our family lives, they’ve gone too far. This is why I built AtomJump messaging. Our family is our most precious component in our lives, so why should we be a target of advertising dollars within this circle?

To quote Ellie Goulding, ‘they’re going to see us from outer space’. The rebellion has started.

I have full confidence in my team here at AtomJump, and the goodness and skill of people around the world. All of my work has now been handed over and documented. AtomJump will continue without my input. I am personally the same as all the other staff in the company that backs the software (we are all equal shareholders, with the exception of my wife who is there largely as an administrative figure, to ensure the products always remain open and independent), and half of my earnings from my share of the effort put in go to my parents. An important reminder that family and the love we have for each other is far more important than money and wealth.

In terms of AtomJump Ltd, a passing message: we will never lock people into our products – they will always be open and free, and we will only ever provide an option for you to pay for them, if you choose, for convenience.

With a world in turmoil, and led by those who lead corporations, where are we going as a human race? Spying, new walls going up, distrust amongst families, divorce, robotic jobs. Lets break down the walls and get back to basics. Talk and love each other – it starts at home. Focus on our own lives, and don’t ever be swayed or tempted by the current corporate structure.

With love and take care,

Peter Abrahamson

3rd Feb 2017.