Introduction to is a well tuned installation of the free open-source software.
Get Commenting
It is free to chat publicly with your family, group or co-workers on your own group. Also see the Messaging User Guide for specific instructions.
Choose Any Topic
Enter a group name in the 'AtomJump' search box. If it is a general topic, you can chat with the public there, or you can share the name of your group with your friends. You can make up a new group without signing in.
It's live
It all takes place live, across over 260,000 groups (and counting).
You can share a group with your friends via SMS by tapping the 'SMS' icon in the top right hand corner. Or you can copy the URL [group] in the browser address bar, which is unique to your group. E.g. for London talk. When you're chatting you can also use the special @ tag at the end of a word to provide a fast link to another group forum eg. london@.
Start a business
Accepting payments from other users off a forum is as easy as writing e.g. 'pay 5 dollars to me' in a message (this will accept payments in $US). Your AtomJump email address must match your Paypal account email. AtomJump take no commission, but standard Paypal charges apply. For UK users, you can also write e.g. 'pay 3.50 pounds' to accept British pounds.
Become the Operator
You can get in touch with the owner of an existing group by sending a message privately to check whether a group name is available to purchase. You can purchase the group name for a 5 year or 2 year term. This would mean you receive all of the private messages and can choose to set a password on the forum for a private discussion within a family, team or company. You also have the freedom to resell and/or trade these groups and make a profit as their value increases.
Once you have purchased, you will receive a certificate of ownership, and can opt to replace the group's background photo with your own. If a particular group name is trademarked, we reserve the group ownership for the trademark owner, and you will need to provide proof of ownership before purchasing.
It's affordable
Our hosting pages have a standard ownership price of $10 per year per group, but premium properties will likely be more expensive, depending on their current owners and their willingness to sell. With this, you have any volume of messages and any number of users.
Get Started
Go to the homepage and enter any topic you choose in the search box. Get messaging!
$0 Always Messaging
Chat with anyone
Personal Private Messages
Public Group Chat

$10 per year Subdomain
Personalised Backdrop
Visitor's Private Messages
Private Group Chat 
Resell at a Profit
? per month
Custom Domain/Appearance
Site Integration
Any Number of Dedicated Servers
Choice of Plugins