To Post a Message

If you’re on click on the large blue ‘chat’ button to enter a forum. Other sites using AtomJump software will show the messaging pop-up after you click a particular link.

Start typing in the ‘Enter your comment’ box at the top and click ‘send’. That’s it! You don’t need an account, although you will be called ‘Anon XX’ if you haven’t named yourself.

To Compose a Message

You can enter some common messaging shortcuts for various types of media.

Enter Creates
:) *
:( *
;) *
lol *
Please pay 5 dollars to me Please pay 5 dollars to me
Please pay 3.30 pounds to me Please pay 3.30 pounds to me
london@ london@ london@ Expand

* This feature is on by default at, but it may not be if your provider has not included these plugins.

To Video Conference

When you’re in a forum, click on the camera icon next to the ‘Send’ button. This will provide a confirmation screen before entering the video forum. Some browsers need the camera to be accepted in your browser permissions first.

iPhone and iPad users will need to download a separate app.

To meet someone, you are best to send other people a URL of the AtomJump forum and tell them to click on the camera. Up to 8 people can video conference at once. Any new member must be accepted by the existing users.

Note: you can click the camera icon again to make it shrink down, and close off. During video conferencing you can carry on chatting in the box too.

Note: These video forums are public, and while you must accept new users before they join, after this you should be cautious with what you show other people. If you want privacy here, you should choose an obscure forum name.

To Name Yourself

Click ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner. Write your name into ‘Your Name’ and click ‘Save Settings’. You don’t need a full account, but if you want to receive notifications when you get a private message, you will need one (see below).

To Set up an Account

Setting up an account means you can receive private messages. Click ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner. Write your name into ‘Your Name’, and your email address into ‘Your email’.

Optionally, you can add a password on the account (which prevents someone else being able to read your private messages). If you want to add this, and it is highly recommended, click ‘More’ and enter your password.

Click ‘Save Settings’.

You will get e-mail notifications on private messages, but we do not use your email address for any other purpose.

To Log in on a new PC or phone

Use the same email and password that you entered on your first device when you set up the account.

Remember, if you are on a public PC, you should log out whenever you leave the PC, as your login details will be remembered.

Note: each different AtomJump Server installation has it’s own private users database. If your account was set up on, then the account will be consistent across all properties, but, it will not necessarily work in every version of the messaging popup that you might find, because these are run by other companies.

To Write a Private Message to One Person

Click or tap on the person’s name next to one of their messages. Then enter a message and tap ‘Send to [their name]’.

You will need to click ‘Go Public’ to start posting messages for everyone to see again.

To Write a Private Message to the Forum Owner(s)

Click ‘Go Private’. Enter messages as normal.

Once you are ready to return to posting to the public forum, click ‘Go Public’ again.

To Reply to a Twitter User

Click or tap on the person’s name next to one of their messages. Then enter a message and tap ‘Send’.

Note, a Twitter reply will always be public, and you do not need a Twitter account. A message will automatically be sent from our AtomJump account saying that there is a message waiting for them on the forum you are currently on. It is up to them as to whether they will read their Twitter messages and respond.

To Become the Forum Owner

If you set up your own server, then you can do this without any cost by clicking ‘Settings’, ‘More’, ‘Advanced’ and then entering your email address into ‘This forum’s private owners’. You will also need to re-enter your account password for verification. You can optionally put your ‘a.b.c.d:e’ user code into the private owner’s field also.


If you want to become the owner of a forum on an page, you can purchase the domain at 8 pounds per month from AtomJump, if it is still available. Otherwise you should send a private message on the page itself to say you would like to purchase the domain, and arrange a price with the current owner if they are willing to part with it.

To Set up a Group

You must be the forum owner already. Then you can click ‘Settings’, ‘More’, ‘Advanced’ and enter your group’s email addresses into ‘This forum’s private owners’ with commas in-between. You will also need to re-enter your account password for verification.

Note: once the email addresses have been added, they are shown visibly as a user code ‘a.b.c.d:e’. You can still add a new owner by adding a comma followed by the email address to this list. Everyone on this list is an ‘owner’ of the group and will receive notifications whenever a new message is added to it. They can all add or remove users from the group.

To Set up a Private Group

You must be a forum owner already. Then you can click ‘Settings’, ‘More’, ‘Advanced’ and enter the ‘Forum password’. You will also need to re-enter your account password for verification.

Note: this forum password is different from your personal password and should be one that you can email to every member of the group comfortably.

Note: If you have already been on this group prior to setting this password, you will need to clear your browser cache and cookies before being able to see the password entry screen appear on your own device. Other users who haven’t seen the forum yet will see the password immediately.

To Get SMS Notifications

Note, on this has been superseded by the app, which is free, and provides graphical message popups. These instructions may still apply to other installations of the server, however.

Click ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner. Click ‘More’, and enter your international phone number without the leading plus sign ‘+’ and without spaces, e.g. ‘+64 3 384 5613’ should be entered as ‘6433845613’.

The cost is 16c per message. We bill on a monthly basis.

To Get App Notifications

Download the app to your Android or iPhone device. Log in with the same email and password that you used in your browser. If everything has worked correctly, the app should say ‘Listening for Messages’. This means any private messages will pop up.

Note: you can only be logged in on one device at a time.

To stop message notifications at any time you can log out of the app. Message notifications will be made by email while you are logged out. Logging back in will start notifications again.

To Post a Photo

Click on the ‘upload’ icon in the bottom left corner. Select a .jpg photo from your drive and click ‘Upload’.

Note: if you are using a mobile device e.g. Android, to get access to your Gallery rather than the ‘Camera’, select ‘Documents’ and then ‘Gallery’.

Note: photos are best uploaded as landscape photos.

There will be a delay as the photo uploads, and then the image’s new web URL will be written into your current message. You can choose to write a comment around this, or simply click ‘Send’.

To Post a Sticker*

Click the smiley face in the bottom left corner. Then click your sticker.

To Download Messages

Log in with your account. Click the ‘Upload’ icon in the bottom left corner. Click the ‘Download’ button. It will download an .xlsx spreadsheet file, which can be opened by any spreadsheet software e.g. Open Office, Google Docs, Microsoft Office.

To Change Language*

Click ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner. Then click ‘More’ and drop down the ‘Language’ box. Choose your language. Then click ‘Save Settings’. You may need to enter your password again if you are logged in.

Note: the front grey box with the word ‘Settings’ will only change language if the surrounding site has implemented this feature. Changing language will change the ‘guide’ messages in the central box. It does not affect the text entered by other users.


* This feature is on by default at, but it may not be if your provider has not included these plugins.